India The Latest Country That May Require Apple To Move To USB-C For The iPhone

The Indian Government is investigating embracing standard phone chargers for all portable electronic phones, adding yet another government to the selection that wishes Apple to shift from from the Lightning charger.

After Europe’s directive that USB-C be utilized as a charging standard by 2024, India is considering doing the very same. Wednesday, August 17, this year, India’s Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh ran a meeting with suppliers to begin investigating the matter.

Reported by local area publication the Deccan Herald, the federal government has chosen to look at taking on two common chargers. Just one of the two may be USB-C, but there wasn’t any details about what the additional style could be.

India’s federal government is now putting together three independent groups to investigate the issue, and its specialists are to submit a statement within eight weeks.

The three teams will each explore separate varieties of units. One will be concerned with phones, another with laptops and tablets, and the third with wearables.

In front of Wednesday’s assembly, Singh outlined the program as being really more of an explorative endeavor and that these experts will try to learn from the stakeholders how a common charger can be selected in India. He additionally pointed out the teams will also try to understand all interested parties and their considerations.

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